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The SMCS Alumni Choir is an independent group of graduates of St. Michael’s Choir School, many of whom have been singing together for over 40 years. We are all volunteers without exception, and we welcome anyone who attended St. Michael’s Choir School for any period of time over the past 80 years to sing with us. We have even welcomed some who were not alumni, but who share a common passion and joy of singing together. The primary mission of the SMCS Alumni Choir is to support fellow alumni and friends in their time of joy or sorrow by singing at the weddings or funerals respectively, of alumni and alumni family members.

Sicut Ovis

In Monte Olivetti

Please note that the SMCS Alumni Choir is an independently organized group, and not affiliated with the administration of St. Michael’s Choir School, the Archdiocese of Toronto or the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

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